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Dear visitors, welcome to the family farm holiday resort "Lacic" in the heart of Slavonia, in the small Slavonian village of Donja Vrba near Slavonski Brod. The family farm has been operating since 1996 and has been privately owned by the Lacic family since the very beginning. We cultivate the tradition of agronomic education throughout all generations and thereby strengthen the traditional values of this field. Our wish is to introduce our guests to all aspects of our economy, from the production to the consumption of Slavonian specialties with top service. We offer you a unique experience with a combination of tradition, untouched nature and a unique landscape accompanied by local specialties produced and prepared on our estate. The resort has an indoor area of 80 persons and an outdoor covered terrace for 70 people. Call us and book your celebrations in the unique ambience of the "Lacic" excursion site.


Professional service

Our principles

Healthy food
"A man should eat to live and not live to eat." Molière

Fresh ingredients
In our kitchen we daily supply exclusively fresh vegetables, salad, various types of meat and fish, because only fresh produce with good preparation can get a quality and delicious meal.

Traditional preparation
We will return a little at the time of our grandmothers and their way of preparing meals. Recipes for meals are traditional old-fashioned, many generations prepared for their dishes.


By agreement, you can enjoy traditional Slavonian specialties such as roast beef, lamb chops,peka, cobanac , carp on the grill, and so on,. At our farm we produce our cured meat Slavonian delicacies: kulin , sunka, slanina, kulinova seka, sausage and other beauties of this region. Our dear guests enjoy the menus that they agreed in advance, and we are striving for the task. The prices are per person by arrangement and ranged from 100 to 250kn. Children till 7 years do not pay. Children up to 12 years 50% of agreed amount.

roast pork

one of the ways to prepare a perfect roast

covered terrace for 70 people

feel the ideal atmosphere provided by our terrace in the shade where each meeting, party or lunch is more enjoyable


a specialty of Slavonian cuisine and by many one of the biggest gastronomic delicacies in this area

indoor space for 80 persons

nicely decorated interior and pleasant ambience

− Products −

sale of cured meat products

Call us and book your celebrations in the unique ambience of the resort


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Domobranska 10, 35000 Donja Vrba, Brodsko-Posavska, Croatia